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  • Re: can anyone help me please

    Hi Angela! I'm in NC too! :) Where are you? Here is a list of testing companies from the North Carolina Division of Public Education: We are near Charlotte and take our Woodcock-Johnson tests through The Homeschool Room or Growing Scholars. They are *great* administrators...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by schternli on 06-08-2011
  • Re: Is it ADHD, bipolar (?), now diagnosed with Graves'

    Thank you so much for this insightful information. I live in La Porte, TX and we are starting a new Parenting Support Group for Special Needs children. I wish you could be there but I am getting more comfortable maneuvering my way around the message boards so perhaps we can glean from your expertise...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by evine on 10-18-2008
  • Re: Having # 3 and #1 is an unmotiveated almost 5 year old...

    Hi Tracy, Thanks for posting your questions re: your 5 yr. old. I wanted to take this moment to talk a bit about the 3 stages of childhood and how that plays out in homeschooling. In my former life (before homeschooling) I was a teacher in a Waldorf school and earned a dual degree in Human Dev. and Family...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by hsiamy on 03-20-2008
  • Re: New to homeschool

    Dear Staci and Bridget, It is so exciting to hear that you want to homeschool your kids! Home is an awesome place for attention-challenged children! Think about how distracting school is - lots of visual stimulation, too much talking, lots of kids to interact with - it can be overwhelming! I think you'll...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by christinefieldhsi on 01-05-2008
  • Re: New to homeschool

    Hello, my name is Staci. I am new to homeschooling. I am starting at this point of the year because I have a stepson who is 14 and in danger of not passing the 7th grade. He is already behind, he technically should be in 9th grade at this time, but he has had some issues in the past. He has not been...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by khadijaha on 01-03-2008
  • testing

    I am new to the homeschooling. I have a question on exactly what is required for testing. Is it just the end of the year testing? How do you know what test and where to have it administered? We are in New York.
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by candrulevich on 12-16-2007
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