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  • Re: This Algebra, Trig, Geometry stuf is over my head! is a great website for about anything.
    Posted to Finding Curriculum (Forum) by mortonhomeschool on 01-08-2008

    I am very new and I need a little help. I have decided to take my daughter out of public schools and home school her. It has been a VERY long time since I have done algebra and I have minimum finances to acquire items, we are getting ready to move here shortly due to my husband joining the coast guard...
    Posted to Finding Curriculum (Forum) by Lilcountrgal on 01-08-2008
  • This Algebra, Trig, Geometry stuf is over my head!

    We began home schooling our kids in Kindergarten until 5th grade. At that point we decided to send them on to public school. What a mistake! They are now in High School. My Sonis in 10th and my daughter is in 9th. We have now decided to pull them back out and complete thier education at home. What happened...
    Posted to Finding Curriculum (Forum) by dbrookins on 01-07-2008
  • Re: Where did you get legal information about your state?

    Hi Christinefield Homeschool Legal Defense Association and from there I went to my local school board who directed me to our State's Department of Education website who sent me a GLCE (Grade Level Content Expectation) on CD.
    Posted to Legal Discussion (Forum) by KayeT on 01-06-2008
  • Re: Physical Education

    If you have a local community center or a YMCA, Boys/Girls club you may want to look into it. We attend a homeschool coop and they offer both gym and basketball.
    Posted to Finding Curriculum (Forum) by KayeT on 01-06-2008
  • Re: Waiting, waiting!

    Happy & Great 2008 to everyone I did some research to answer your question. Here are a few website. The first one is sensational I think and the second may give you more legal advice. I hope these help you and answer your question http:/...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by KayeT on 01-05-2008
  • Curriculum planning for special needs

    Does anyone here use a curriculum consultant to plan their program for their special needs kids? Would you share how it is going and how they have helped? christinefield
    Posted to Special Needs (Forum) by christinefieldhsi on 01-05-2008
  • Re: New to homeschool

    Hello, my name is Staci. I am new to homeschooling. I am starting at this point of the year because I have a stepson who is 14 and in danger of not passing the 7th grade. He is already behind, he technically should be in 9th grade at this time, but he has had some issues in the past. He has not been...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by khadijaha on 01-03-2008
  • Re: New to homeschool

    I completely inderstand where you are . I have four children all very different in the way they learn. I find it such a relief to actually be able to take the time to get organized before I begin. We are starting our first semester next week and it has taken better than six months to get organized. I...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by proudmammaof4 on 01-02-2008
  • Re: Physical Education

    Hi, you might want to check with your local parks and recreation department, ours offers several classes, and activities for homeschoolers at community centers including physical education for all ages. We have also participated in homeschool bowling sponsered by our bowling alleys. We had a great time...
    Posted to Finding Curriculum (Forum) by diannia on 12-29-2007
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