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  • Re: new to homeschooling...HELP!

    Well said Carrie! Understanding your child's learning style is one of the most important things that you can do when beginning to homeschool and while searching for curriculum. It generally defines what style of homeschooling will fit your child's needs. Some children learn via auditory, visual...
    Posted to Finding Curriculum (Forum) by hsiamy on 06-18-2008
  • Monmout county NJ

    We are new to homeschooling and looking for other local families in Monmouth Cty, NJ...please email if interested in chatting with us and sharing any info. thanks
    Posted to General Site (Forum) by monica0703 on 06-04-2008
  • Re: Homeschooling the Steiner Way

    Hi! Thank you so much for your encouragement, and a lot of what you suggest is so helpful! I just want to be able to -proved a good environment for my daughter to learn in which is not too chaotic! Trouble is, with there being only one child I try to get her to race with me to tidy up but she is going...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by GillPruden on 06-01-2008
  • Re: Homeschooling for Pre-K

    Hi there, It is important when children are so young to encourage their creativity, imagination and curiosity. You might want to read a post that I just wrote on 5/1 re: early childhood. It's contents are geared toward questions re: homeschooling using a Waldorf/Steiner theory. If you read under...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by hsiamy on 05-02-2008
  • Re: Is it ADHD, bipolar (?), now diagnosed with Graves'

    Hi there, have certainly been through a lot. I am glad that you posted this so others can hear your story. The HSI community is here to help and support you along the journey. Many homeschoolers face similar challenges such as you described in your post. It is important to have connections...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by hsiamy on 04-10-2008
  • Homeschooling the Steiner Way

    Hi! I'm Gill and I am about to start the amazing and scary adventure of homeschooling my five year old daughter. I plan to align myself to the Steiner Waldorf method and would really welcome any input from those who know what it's like to start out and anyone who is using/planning to use the...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by GillPruden on 04-06-2008
  • Re: Recommendations please!

    There's an online program I'm looking into, maybe we can do that together :-) It's It's online and utilizes Jubilee Academy's curriculum, online & DVD's, books, etc. I'm getting ready to notify my local district for my soon-to-be 1st grader (and...
    Posted to Finding Curriculum (Forum) by anxious4him on 03-10-2008
  • Re: Three months left in school

    Hi Beverly, Sometimes when a child is only familiar with the traditional school setting, he/she may need some time to allow for the transition into homeschooling. This may be a great time to allow for some de-schooling. Allow for your daughter to be a part of the process in determining what direction...
    Posted to Finding Curriculum (Forum) by hsiamy on 03-10-2008
  • Re: any one from uk here

    Hi I have found the HE fantastic We have now been put in touch with the local group who have also put us in touch with other familes with children the same age We also know what subjects Emma will be studying and how You can also view information on the Home education uk web site Your local education...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by pammy42 on 03-01-2008
  • The Bitter Homeschooler's Wish List...

    A friend of mine sent this to me. I thought it was worthwhile, so I'm posting it. The Bitter Homeschooler's Wish List Please stop asking us if it's legal. If it is — and it is — it's insulting to imply that we're criminals. And if we were criminals, would we admit it? Learn what the...
    Posted to Devotional Thoughts? (Forum) by BrunswickAcademy on 02-25-2008
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