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  • Curriculum for grade K.

    Hi, Does anyone have any suggestions on a curriculum for kindergarten? Something that is not too strict in the amount of time spent. My daughter is 3 soon will be 4, (Oct.) she already can read many different 3 letter words, know her shapes, colors, numbers up to 20, ABC's. I wanted to start her...
    Posted to Finding Curriculum (Forum) by tonbert on 08-13-2008
  • Looking for Grammar (secular) curriculum for 8th grade

    Anyone have any sugestions on a secular grammar curriculum for the 8th grade? I am looking for something that has alot of sentence structure as well as Vocab, spelling reading, comprhension and with a teacher's manual, maybe an "all in one" package. Thanks for any help!
    Posted to Finding Curriculum (Forum) by tonbert on 07-12-2008
  • Re: Language Arts Please!!!

    AVKO (Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic,Oral) offers a nice LA curric. It uses a multi-sensory approach to learning and addresses all learning styles and abilities. Choosing something like this will help to address each of your children's indiv. learning styles. You can find AVKO products in the HSI shop...
    Posted to Finding Curriculum (Forum) by hsiamy on 03-10-2008
  • Re: reading curriculum

    You may be interested in AVKO products. You can find them in the shop here at HSI. Just type in AVKO in the search engine once you enter the shop and a list of products will pop up. AVKO stand for Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic, Oral - it is a multi-sensory approach curriculum and they do have things...
    Posted to Finding Curriculum (Forum) by hsiamy on 01-20-2008
  • reading curriculum

    I am new to homeschool. My child has a reading disability and auditory processing problems. She is a 7th grader and has a very average IQ. I have all of my curriculum except reading. I feel like I need a textbook or something with a guide with questions to build comprehension and other skills that go...
    Posted to Finding Curriculum (Forum) by dlee3025 on 01-19-2008
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