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  • Re: Is it ADHD, bipolar (?), now diagnosed with Graves'

    Hi there, have certainly been through a lot. I am glad that you posted this so others can hear your story. The HSI community is here to help and support you along the journey. Many homeschoolers face similar challenges such as you described in your post. It is important to have connections...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by hsiamy on 04-10-2008
  • Exploring the Homeschooling Option

    I have 3 children but the oldest is having problems in school. I have been considering homeschooling him for the last few months and am not sure where to start. I live in Western Montana and I am not finding alot of support. Does anyone have any support, guidence, anything. I would appreciate any and...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by ladyannoyu on 02-29-2008
  • Re: Just starting a scary adventure!

    I have been homeschooling my 3 previously Catholic and 'public schooled kids for the last 7 months. Even though this is our first year, I know the kids have learned more, read more and enjoyed learning far more than they ever did in school. Aside from the learning, and maybe more importantly, we...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by mmandkids on 02-27-2008
  • Re: New to Homeschooling, and new area...

    have you looked into unschooling? and Unit study depending on what your son is into. I am new to this to and am hoping to make it work for us!!
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by camliv on 02-14-2008
  • ART for a 12 year old

    HI, Does anyone have any suggestions on art projects that a 12 yr. old soon to be 13 would like to do? He is not very helpful, I ask what he would like to do, he says "I don't know" we will do some clay modeling, then work with oil pastels, other than that I don't have a clue- I need...
    Posted to Finding Curriculum (Forum) by tonbert on 02-02-2008
  • just beginning an adventure!

    I am a single mom of two children & on a fixed budget. My youngest loves school & is continueing to go to school. I have just withdrew my 7 yr. old son out of public school and have just started. I am a little confused about selecting the right books for him. however, I have bought a couple of...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by shanwesley on 02-01-2008
  • Re: Just starting a scary adventure!

    I kind of went through the same thing with my first child, a boy. We put him in public school for kindergarden, had a bad experience, put him in private school for first-second-third grade. Half way through third grade they said he needed special education and couldn't offer that there, so I had...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by kcollins on 01-28-2008
  • Re: Just starting a scary adventure!

    My own experience is that all the fears don't go away. . .completely. But is that a bad thing?? I had the "furrowed brow and nail-biting about homeschooling" every year for 13 years. But. . .maybe these fears--mine and your's -- are part of what leads us to do a good job? Because we...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by vvagt on 01-27-2008
  • Re: hi im new to home school any help greatful

    I am new too! I will be starting next year and am planning now. I have been doing a lot of research and asking veteran homeschoolers their opinions. I am using Sonlight Curriculum because they give you a schedule of what you are to teach everyday. Go to their website and then call them on...
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by bridgetn576 on 01-12-2008
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