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  • Re: move to date question

    Hello, There are three options for "taking a day off" from school: Move to Date, Skip Day, and Non-School Day. Move to Date takes all the course work from a given day and moves to the new date you specify--the work is added to any course work all ready in place on the "new" date....
    Posted to General Site (Forum) by hsisue1 on 10-17-2008
  • Why do you use PERS?

    I found Home School Inc. last summer and thought it'd be a great tool to use during the school year since my oldest daughter was beginning high school. I haven't used it because I find it so much easier to use a lesson plan book and write her daily lessons out. For some reason doing it with pen...
    Posted to General Site (Forum) by Journey on 01-21-2008
  • Re: Editing Materials

    Hi again De-Anna, We're so glad you are finding PER valuable!! Your suggestions are a great help!! Thank you!! We keep a prioritized list for PER 2.0 and will add these. Another idea for when you are creating a course--in that moment you only need to enter one item. If you aren't ready with the...
    Posted to General Site (Forum) by vvagt on 01-20-2008
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