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  • Re: Obama's "volunteers" will not be allowed to express religious beliefs...

    Not only do they have their eyes on our kids for "volunteer" service...they have their eyes on senior citizens as well. See the second bullet point below. From the Obama/Biden web site : Protect and Honor Seniors Ensure Heating Assistance: Obama and Biden will increase funding for the Low Income...
    Posted to Chit Chat (Forum) by MiaZ on 03-26-2009
  • Your Energy Bill and Obama's "Green" Plan

    Obama and Your Electric Bill Written by Ernest Istook, Human Events Thursday, 19 March 2009 President Obama’s energy tax plan -- a version of the failed European “cap and trade” global warming fiasco -- may cost families $1,800 yearly in higher utility bills, far exceeding his promised $800 a year tax...
    Posted to Chit Chat (Forum) by MiaZ on 03-19-2009
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