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Social Studies for 2nd grade

Last post 06-29-2012 1:56 AM by littlemillennium. 6 replies.
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  • 09-30-2009 2:06 AM

    Social Studies for 2nd grade

     Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on doing social studies for a 2nd grader. I have all of my subjects nailed down and have a ton of resources but I don't know what to do for social studies. I just need a guide. For example, I use a text book for science that I found at a thrift store as a guide. For each chapter I pull in other resoures and ideas to make the subject rich. That's all I need for social studies. I have looked up what it even is so I have a little bit of an idea. I am a bit surprised that it not history and geography, but social studies now. I know those two are incorporated in that subject but I am lost as to how to do it. Anyone know of any good websites? Or have anything that they use that is not expensive or nearly free? Thanks for all your help! 

  • 10-02-2009 7:07 PM In reply to

    Re: Social Studies for 2nd grade

     I really like Barbara Shukin's portfolio books for that age. They go along with the Story of the World series, and since I'm not all that creative, I like that it has a ton of lapbooking activities.

  • 10-02-2009 9:06 PM In reply to

    Re: Social Studies for 2nd grade

    Cool! I'll look them up.

  • 11-20-2009 6:10 PM In reply to

    Re: Social Studies for 2nd grade

    Hi!  I found some great social studies books that were used through  They sold for about 3 plus 3.99 for shipping.   Best of luck!!

  • 11-20-2009 7:46 PM In reply to

    Re: Social Studies for 2nd grade

     Thanks for the advice. What where they called? I would like to look into them. Thanks! 

  • 11-20-2009 10:47 PM In reply to

    Re: Social Studies for 2nd grade

    I wish I still had them; I'd send them to you.  One was by apologia and another was "What your second grader needs to know."  I used information from them, but had my daughter make artwork and lapbooks to remember and show her understanding of the information.  I can't remember the title on apologia - but it was for 2nd/3rd grade level social studies..... 



  • 06-29-2012 1:56 AM In reply to

    Re: Social Studies for 2nd grade

    I'm not so good in such field but when I was looking for the same thing that time I took help of one website. I would like to share with you. Please check that website and let me know if it is helpful for you or not.
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