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Looking for Daily Planner

Last post 09-17-2009 7:39 PM by Theneffzoo. 5 replies.
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  • 09-06-2009 4:09 PM

    Looking for Daily Planner

    Anyone know of an easy to use, but detailed daily planner for Curriculum? I'm having trouble finding something at local bookstores, and I'm a little scared to order online without some opinions on what kind might be best. Thanks!
  • 09-07-2009 12:39 PM In reply to

    Re: Looking for Daily Planner

     I made my own to suit me.  I can send you it/them in Word if you like.Justemail me at theneffzoo at swbell dot net

     I print 30-something copies of this page (usually 36), then I fill in the week # and date range for the M-F dates of each week.  I write notes in the squares at the top (like 'no school' in a square - i.e. labor day - or 'light week' at the topof the page for weeks near Christmas, etc.) to remind myself when to omit or ease up on assignments.  The lines at the bottomare for specific planning notes.

     I actually start first with this next page for planning out subjects and number of lessons per week, then move to the above pages to plan it out.

    I use heavy-duty plastic tab dividers with pockets.  I put the planner page in here so I can pull it out without opening the rings, and I also drop in timeline figures, etc. for the week.  I have a huge binder for 36 weeks with worksheets, etc. placed behind the approptiate tabs.

    It takes some time to put all this together for the year, but then it is mostly 'open and go'.  I have to do it this way because I work weekends (24 hours a week) and don't have that time to plan. 


    Good luck - hope this helps. Big Smile


  • 09-08-2009 8:29 AM In reply to

    Re: Looking for Daily Planner

    Have you taken a look @ HSI's FREE online planner?  You can easily store and access your daily course info, attendance etc.   

    ~ hsiamy
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  • 09-11-2009 9:14 PM In reply to

    Re: Looking for Daily Planner

    We LOVE HSI's online planner.. just make sure you take the time to print out the work ahead of time.  We lost internet connection yesterday for about 10 hours.. my kids were all excited, thinking they got a vacation, until I pulled out the binder with 6 weeks worth of "School Today" printed!  :D

  • 09-14-2009 2:37 PM In reply to

    Re: Looking for Daily Planner

     I use the online planner here and love it! I'm homeschooling a kindergartener for the first time and this has helped me do it right from the start. It took a few hours of planning and sitting on the computer with my materials handy, but it was WELL worth it! I sit and plan out two weeks worth of course work (we are doing 8 courses) and assignments for each course, each day. My process was to 1) set up the quarter dates 2) plug in the times and days for the courses. 3)Pug in the name of each course 4) Put in daily course work and assignments for the 2 week session [note it only shows the days that course is scheduled, which is why it is important to set that up first].  4) Then simply print out the 'today' list of courses and assignments for the two weeks and put them in my notebook. Each night I look at what we are doing the next day and prep any materials I need, such as new flash cards, art cut outs, etc. This could be done for the whole two weeks as well. It works really well for us and I am always proud to sign back on and mark my whole day as completed and put in the grades for my daughter's assignments. I keep all her work in a seperate notebook when we are done each day. 

  • 09-17-2009 7:39 PM In reply to

    Re: Looking for Daily Planner

     If that's the one I saw, there is not enough spaces.  I mean by the time you put in spelling, grammar, writing, etc., you used them all up.  Putting 'Language Arts' all in one would not leave me enough space to write my lessons plans for everything.




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