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I am looking for a schedule

Last post 08-27-2009 11:07 PM by sussa111. 3 replies.
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  • 08-22-2009 12:09 PM

    I am looking for a schedule

    I have daughter - 9, forth grade, a son - 5, K, a son -18 months old, a son 6 months old and I am 3 months pregnant. I am looking for a school schedule for my daughter. There are so many thing I want her to learn but it seem there is not enough time in the day. There is english, math, bible, science, penmenship, history, geography, reading, typing and more. It just seems like there is so much. I was thinking that maybe certain subjects on certain days would be good. I have been homeschooling since my daughter was in 1st grade. I love it and my kids do too. Thanks to all who reply :) Carissa

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    Re: I am looking for a schedule

     Unfortunately, a 9 year old isn't necessarily independent yet.  But with all of your other obligations, she's going to have to get independent quick.  Here's a few suggestions:

     1.  Daily = Language arts, Math, Bible, Reading.  If your DD already knows cursive writing, then I'd drop penmanship. Otherwise, it should be daily also.  Then every other day or 3x per week, I would do history or geography, typing, and science.

    2.  Think about a workbox approach.  Many of the moms who use this approach find their kiddos become more independent.

    3.  Try keeping everyone in one big room.  Then you're available for quick questions your DD has and at the same time able to watch all the little ones.  Do you have a playroom or some such that everyone can spend the day in?  Otherwise, keep a big basket of rotating toys for the little ones to stay occupied.  

    4.  What are you doing for your kindergartner?  He may enjoy doing science, Bible, and history with his older sister.  She could read the lesson (which would enable you to cut back on her formal reading program) to him.  Obviously, he probably would't be able to test the same level she could.  But at least you'd be combining some subjects.

     5.  Think about a DVD/online computer program for your DD9.  Since she would have a cyber teacher, this may free up some of your time.

    6.  Try and combine as many chores and learning as you can.  For example, little quick science experiments can be done while cooking.  Learning the names of bones can be done while changing a diaper or dressing the babe.  

    7.  Also combine some of your daily activities with multiple subjects.  For example, construct a log cabin out of legos or lincoln logs and call it history and art for the day.  Learn a couple of America themed songs and call it music and history for the day.  Teach DD9 not to combine ammonia and bleach while cleaning the bathroom and call it science for the day.

     7.  Finally, you may want to post this question on  I think there are many more moms there with a ton of great ideas.  This site is a wee bit slow.

     Good luck to you.  Your plate is so full.  


    Mom to DD8 and DS28
    Using mostly A Beka

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    Re: I am looking for a schedule

    Hey, my daughter just started with typing this year (11 years old), so if you are really busy, you could put it off another year or two. I didn't take it untl high school. Keep your bible simple. Have her read some scripture aloud and then have a discussion about what she read. This could count as some of her reading as well. Does she really need History AND Geography. Last year (5th grade) we had a chapter or two of Geography then on to History, see if you can combine these two. We do English and Math 4 days a week, Science 2, History 2, Bible daily scripture (short, maybe chapter), Typing 2 times a week, Writing 2 times a week, Reading for comprehension 1 time a week, plus library books, Art and P.E. as it comes. When you're really wiped out, pop in a DVD on related studies. Last year we rented DVD's from the library on Vikings and on multiple Indian Tribes as they all realted to her history studies. She and I enjoyed watching them and the little ones might even be distracted for a bit. You can get National Geographic DVD's as well for science.

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  • 08-27-2009 11:07 PM In reply to

    Re: I am looking for a schedule

    Thank you both for responding! Your ideas are great! I am really going to try to use more online games instead of all book work. She seems to have fun and retain the information so much more. I will try DVD's and conbining subjects. She isn't doing cursive yet. I have waited because her printing isn't very neat. Thanks again, Carissa

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