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Obama to France - apologizes for liberating Iraq

Last post 04-03-2009 11:26 AM by MiaZ. 0 replies.
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  • 04-03-2009 11:26 AM

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    Obama to France - apologizes for liberating Iraq

    The AP reported:

    Welcomed with thunderous cheers, President Barack Obama pledged on Friday to work repair damaged relations with Europe, saying the world came together following the 2001 terrorist attacks but then "we got sidetracked by Iraq."

    "We must be honest with ourselves," Obama said. "In recent years, we've allowed our alliance to drift."

    The new U.S. president said that despite the bitter feelings that were generated by Iraq, the United States and its allies must stand together because "al-Qaida is still a threat."

    Speaking before a French and German audience at a town-hall style gathering, Obama encouraged skeptical Europe to support his retooled strategy for rooting out terrorism suspects in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    "We got sidetracked by Iraq and we have not fully recovered that initial insight that we have a mutual interest in ensuring that organizations like al-Qaida cannot operate," he said. "I think it is important for Europe to understand that even though I am president and George Bush is not president, al-Qaida is still a threat."

    According to Gateway Pundit, "For the record, the majority of European countries, except Spain, elected Pro-US leaders during the Bush years.
    The new European leaders are also more conservative than President Obama.

    At last report, the US still has troops serving in Iraq.  (Yeah, including my nephew.  According to him, kids are going to school - including girls - and people are able to go about their daily lives.  However, they're still getting shot at, and he saw two young girls about 7 or 8 y/o get blown up by some type of IED or pipe bomb - and that little gift wasn't from the US or their allies.  Obama can just stay over there, since they love him so much.  They can keep him and we'll send Pelosi, Reid, Frank - and many others - with our compliments.)

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