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New.. HELP!

Last post 03-11-2009 8:21 PM by CourtneyWilliams. 2 replies.
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  • 03-08-2009 2:14 PM

    New.. HELP!

    Ok, so I'm new to this site.  I'm new to homeschooling in that I am no longer living in Oregon with access to virtual schooling.  I'm going cold turkey, finding and buying curriculum from anywhere and everywhere as needed or wanted.  I use everything from books donated from local schools to workbooks found at the typical type stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, etc.  I use the internet for a host of resources from software to printables.

    My daughter is coming to the end of her first grade year after having attended public school for a term of about 5 months or so.  I think that's how long we've been in Arkansas.  She is very advanced in most things.  She's having some issues with Math due to transition from one school to the next due to her moving from my mother's house where she stayed until our home was available and ready, to the school here in our town.  She reads on an adult level pretty much.  They have her evaluated at a third grade level at the public school.  However, she reads most adult materials laying around the house, from books to things on the internet.

    Her major malfunction is boredom from being advanced and having to still cover all things from her grade level.  She can read anything, hates learning the phonics and basic sentence structure behind it.  She wants to get messy in art, which I do as well, but she isn't willing to learn concepts, etc.

    She loves the net.  In turn for good school work and doing a chore chart, she gets to do educational things online as well as play a game called "handipoints" at .  For everything on her chore chart that she completes, she gets to mark it off on handipoints and it gives her more "money" to purchase things for her online character.

     I'm new to this site.  I found it in an article done by CBS News.  Any and all help with everything and I do mean everything would be great.  Heck, friendship, adult conversation would be great too.  I think adult socialization is just about as important for me as socialization with other kids for her is important.  Going stir crazy.

    (Oh, and included in the mix while I'm trying to do all this... a five year old, a two year old, and a newborn.) -talk about busy!

  • 03-11-2009 7:54 PM In reply to

    Re: New.. HELP!

     im new also this is my first year. started in the fall. my best advice is find a support group that you can work with. I live in northern indiana, infact unemployed headquarters of the world elkhart county lol. sided tracked. anyways there are alot of groups up here but not all of them fitted my needs. you will have to look around there to find the one best fitted to your family. 

    as for curriculum first decide what your goals are then go from there. you might try several before you find the one that works for your family. some families do everything online.

  • 03-11-2009 8:21 PM In reply to

    Re: New.. HELP!

    Oh gosh, I've heard SO much about your part of the world. lol.  I hear  President Obama had been through either before or shortly after election.  Your town sounds ALOT like mine.  Like yourself, I find that there are not alot of groups here either.  I hear that a town away, there are like 20 some odd homeschooling parents.  They do all their stuff over there though and it never reaches here!  I recently sent a letter to the editor.  I hope that with that little letter in our small paper that I'll find more people and we'll be able to get something off the ground here.

     I did join a support group online though.  I'm shocked that they don't want you to talk about nearly anything.  Today the moderator came across and said she didn't want any discussion of homeschooling methodology and didn't want us to discuss the two 14 year old HOMESCHOOLED political commentators.  It's not that we were interested in his politics, it was that we were interested in the fact that he was as smart as he was for being homeschooled and that homeschooling can and does work. 

    In saying, I'm not too satisfied with anything I'm coming across.  That's why I'm over here.

    As for curriculum, I do rely heavily on the computer.  I also use alot of school zone workbooks from Walmart.  I use the dictionary, Nat'L Geographic, encyclopedias, and a whole host of other things as well.  We don't adhere to any certain thing as far as curriculum.

    Tell me, how old is your child and what all do you do?  Its so nice to "meet" you and talk with you.  Hopefully we'll be able to get through this whole thing with homeschooling.  I really feel as though it's the best thing for my daughter.  Its pretty fun, too!!

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