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Tests, Frustration & Wanting to do the right thing...!

Last post 06-01-2008 9:14 PM by clovesgsb. 1 replies.
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  • 05-02-2008 11:15 AM

    Tests, Frustration & Wanting to do the right thing...!


    i guess you could say this would be somewhat a venting stage and maybe more people than me feel the same way.

    i usually feel alone in all this, but when i read some of the postings i realize i`m not really alone.

    currently i am trying to figure out how to get my testing done....i`ve looked thru the store, theres stuff there but i guess i`m not knowledgable enough to know one test from the next! i have 2 kids that need tests my youngest is 12 and my oldest ( "special needs") is 15 and my only boy :)

    we do NOT have a good relationship withour local rural school. as far as i kn ow we don`t have any other options at this time. we refuse to let this school keep our son at a lower level of achievement so he " will always qualify for state aide". yes that`s a direct quote from his special ed teacher!

    thru the homeschool site we founnice online program that the kids like, however i don`t think it`s meeting ALL of our needs. i wish it had testing in it.

    i`m sure our kids are the only ones that give guff when it comes to doing work of any kind, especially school. <sarcasm> since we live in a small town they feel somewhat singled out. the local teachers and staff know so much of our life we surely don`t have a private one...

    maybe this is more of an off day than most but i need some good, nice input...and helpful would be good.

    thanx for listening.. :)







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  • 06-01-2008 9:14 PM In reply to

    Re: Tests, Frustration & Wanting to do the right thing...!

    I am not sure exactly if you are talking about testing in reference to the standardized tests that are given each year for aptitude or just day to day tests that you give your kids.  It probably matters where you are in the country as to your standards that are required by your state, but here in Florida, we aren't required to test on a regular basis.  We have the option to use a standardized test for our annual evaluation or we can have it done by a registered teacher or psycologist without an actual test. (Many of the homeschool parents of special needs children that I know use this option because their children don't test well.)  I took some of the pressure off this year by not doing as many tests, because my concern was much more about whether or not they were grasping a concept not that they could score well on a test.  So, I would recommend that you test less if it is an option for you. 



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