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I need help with my A Beka order

Last post 06-01-2008 9:36 PM by clovesgsb. 2 replies.
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  • 04-01-2008 11:51 AM

    I need help with my A Beka order

    I'm completely new to hsing. I was going to wait for the hotel meeting, but it's not until the end of June (and there's free shipping for the month of April). I really just want to get into it with a curriculum instead of printing random worksheets off the internet (I will still do this b/c the worksheet I've been printing have been great, but I need a bit more structure right now). Since I have no idea what I'm doing, I think I might just buy the entire kit. I'm not confident enough to buy used and try to piece it all together. I have a 5 yo (will turn 5 this month) and a 6yo. My 6yo is advanced and my 5yo is about where he should be. A friend suggested that I buy grade one and two. That way I can use the grade one for my 5yo once I get him to that point with other resources and I can use the grade two for my dd. If she's lacking in anything then I have the grade one stuff for her to fall back on. I figure when I go to the used curriculum fair (April 12th), I could buy used for grade 3 stuff and maybe K5. I figure by the time dd is using the grade 3, I'll hopefully have a better idea of how to piece together my own curriculum (if I need to).

    My main question is how important/useful are the Parent kits? I've heard some say you can do without until the higher grades. I don't mind buying them as hsing is completely new to me and I might need a guide, but I don't want to waste my money. If the child kits are fairly self-explanatory, then are the parent kits necessary?

  • 04-03-2008 4:52 PM In reply to

    Re: I need help with my A Beka order

    I have a 13 yo son and 8yo son who have been hschooled since grade 1. I too began with ABeka only. I never purchased the parent kits. I think like your friend this is esp. pertinent in the younger grades. When you get in the upper grades then yes, you may want to consider purchasing the teacher manuals. The hotel sales are good in that you can get your hands on the actual books. The sales I have been to in the past have not been high pressure. Fortunately! As time goes on you will find yourself getting more and more comfortable with putting together your own package. You will learn what works for your child and what doesn't. Don't stick with something that doesn't just because you are "supposed to". I think that is a common mistake with new homeschoolers. That, and buying way too much curriculum for their child.  Remember to be flexible and make time for fun. These are 2 pros to homeschooling. You will do just fine. Persoanlly, though I always left the ABeka parent guides at the table since I felt confident enough to lead my son thru his 1st and 2nd grade schoolwork. Blessings! Lee Anna

  • 06-01-2008 9:36 PM In reply to

    Re: I need help with my A Beka order


    I have two children that were in private Christian school for 5 years. My son only used Abeka during those years, so when I decided to homeschool two years ago, I chose mainly Abeka because I was green and because I knew I could trust Abeka to cover the bases. (and because my kids were very familiar with the curriculum)  I have never purchased the parent kits.  I always buy the teacher's books used on eBay or other internet sources. You can save a ton of money that way.  The first year I tried to save additional money by not purchasing new consumables, but that was a big mistake.  It caused much more labor for me and them. If you attend one of the show cases, (materials displays) you can pick up a catalog, that way you can look at the list of materials that are available for your child's age. 

    One more piece of advice about the age level of the curriculum to purchase.  Abeka is an advanced curriculum, was your 6 yr. old in Kindergarten this year?  Abeka is a high phonics based program and they begin reading in K5 (kindergarten), so, I wouldn't jump to 2nd grade.  I would stick with 1st grade for your 6year old (for the fall) and kindergarten for your 5 year old.  That's just my opinion.



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