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Getting started.. feeling like Im swimming with no shore in sight!

Last post 06-25-2013 11:32 AM by corrielainedd. 0 replies.
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  • 06-25-2013 11:32 AM

    Getting started.. feeling like Im swimming with no shore in sight!

     (mom of 2 girls, in KY) 

    I want to officially start Kindergarten with my almost 5 year old, Annaleigh this fall semester, I also have an almost 3year old, Jaide. We have done some preschool work this past winter and spring, mostly working on recognizing numbers, recognizing letters and their sounds, a little addition and subtraction. We have mostly been using workbooks from Target, Dollar store, etc for PreK-K, she enjoys them, and has fun working in them. I also have flash cards we like to use, and we utilize Youtube for fun videos on letter sounds, math, etc.
    I recently bought a set of preschool "sight words" DVD's, they enjoy watching those for "cartoon time/mommy can clean for a bit time" every couple of days.
     Right before summer, we started on Hooked On Phonics K level. She was doing great and really enjoyed it.

    Right now, with it being summer, we have taken a break from daily school work.  I still have the girls help with daily chores, cooking, etc.

    Our normal routine has suddenly changed not long ago.. My mom's best friend, whom is like another mother to me (my parents now live in CO, we are inKY), gained Guardianship of their 5year old granddaughter, Angeli. She arrived in time to go into public preschool for 6 weeks before summer break.  At that time she would come to my house after school (arrive here around 11am). This gave me enough time to finish breakfast and school time with my girls.
    Now that school is out, she is here from 7:45am-5pm.  The earliest I want to wake my kids is 8am, (bed time is 9pm lights out). Which is fine, but leaves no time for school work... which is fine now, as its summer, I suppose.

    Angeli came from a..well... a home with parents who didn't give a crap.  In the past couple of months she has been here, she has changed immensely, but has a lot to overcome still.  She is very head strong, arguementive, confrontational, and hateful, as well as just barely potty trained. 
    So, needless to say, my focus has not been on schooling, its been on transforming this form of piss and vinegar into a normal child! (of course this is happening at "Grammy and Grampy's" house too.) She has come a long with, with lots of positive reinforcement, earning rewards, challenges, rules, structure and discipline.
    This week I am Angeli free, as they are gone for court.. hoping for something more permanent than guardianship.

    SO!! I have some time this week to actually think!! I need to figure out what "curriculum" to do with Annaleigh this fall, once Angeli goes back to public school.

    I feel a bit lost.. My brain cannot think much past: reading, writing, addition, subtraction... And even at that, Im not sure of the best way to get across the math ideas.. Art is not an issue, we paint, color, craft and such often.

    Science? Social studies (my worst subject in school)?

    Where to start!!

    I will continue/start over with the Hooked on PHonics for reading.
    I have just purchased (not received yet) from a homeschool swap group:
    Learning About My Body
    Addition 1
    Subtraction 1
    Sequencing for Kindergarten
    Using the Standards
    Data analysis and Probability, grade K
     Fun with Insects and Bugs (a skill-builder activity book)
     Practice and Learn Beginning Reading, K-1
    Colors Thematic Unit, early childhood (literature based
    Scholastic Phonics Clubhouse workbook 2
     First Grade Super Scholar, Reading Comprehension, grade 1,
    My Community, ages 4-8
    Picture Sequencing, grades K-1

    I also have lots of workbooks, Hot Dots Jr, Alphie, several "Explore &Learn" alphabet and number puzzles. I feel like I may have too many workbooks and I feel a bit lost as to what to use and where to start!
    I purchased " Resources for: Every Day in Every Way (a teachers handbook of preschool activities)" along with the "Every Day in Every Way"(a year round calendar of preschool learning challenges".  I haven't had a chance to really look through this... lol

    I also considered signing Annaleigh up for for some computer work?

    And I have been introduced to Easy Peasy All In one Homeschool Curriculum, we started with the beginning level 1, but didn't get far before summer, and it was super simple what we did.

    I kind of wish I could just have someone come sit with me and help me write down my fall curriculum, based on what I have! 
    I think part of the issue is, its been so long since Ive been in school (esp kindergarten), Im just not sure what all I need to have as our "curriculum"  what do I NEED to be making sure we do and cover. 

    Luckily, hubby can print or make copies of anything I need at work for free... but that means I cant just print and go if need be.

    I am also going to finish getting our homeschool room/area finished and organized...

    I need some guidance from some experienced mamas!!

    Also-- we have a garden, 2 dogs, meat rabbits, and 2 horses (horses are out at Memaws farm), which Im sure can be helpful for some hands on learning.

    Someone throw me a life saver and pull me back to sanity!!!


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